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That Good Life

by Maddy Walsh and Ted Walsh


i look in windows i see the people

fighting and carrying on about something

that one of them said when the other was fresh out of bed

he hit the cymbal, she the crescendo,

a misunderstanding so simple has taken a life of its own

it's smashing itself on the head



every home has a character inside

i hope that happiness lives in mine

i'll throw the windows open and i'll build a fire

trying to live out that good life


frankie and johnnie, peg and al bundy,

there's bert and there's ernie, there's pam and her tommie

in every last case the story is much the same

people are quirky and we get angry

when idiosyncrasy clashes with preconceived notions about

the way things are supposed to be





so when i say something crazy, please forgive me

because you are crazy too




doodle-oo, doodle-oo-do....


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