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Face the Beast

by Maddy Walsh and Ted Walsh


every time i step outside there's a garbage truck splashing mud in my eyes

every time i take a ride there's a tack in the road pointed up to pop my tire

i try to be so kind to the lady at the service station

she's got a beef with me cause i always forget my identification

(oh fuck it; i shouldn't drink on a tuesday anyway)



keep your heart scraped clean, don't hide under a protective screen

the world it may get ugly but, to feel a thing you've got to face the beast


cross three lanes and i make the exit to a sustained horn of a top-down midlife crisis

as he passes he flips me the bird, i think he might have been my middle school principal

i try to keep in mind that his day could be going much worse than mine

he could have a history of denied insurance claims and cheating wives

(probably not; he's probably just an asshole)





oh i know all about the fall and rise

i could not get so high

if high is where i spent all of my time

hi-fi is especially high when juxtaposed (with shitty lo-fi?)


so in the interest of keeping the faith like a labrador i bring the ball back into play

drop it panting at the feet of a face twisted up in a scowl, two cynical eyebrows raised

please throw the ball for me, i've been striking out all over town, you see

the beast said i don't like dogs, you're a total mess but you seem kind of sweet

(and then we just, like, played, all afternoon.  it was really nice.)










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