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Two Goblets

by Maddy Walsh and Ted Walsh


boom boom I'm out of room

i thought that i had space for you but

vroom vroom i lost the tune

the engine kicked back all the fumes but


bang bang you set the stage

you left nothing to rearrange

it''s strange strange the way you play

a game whose rules are locked away



two goblets in front of you

one is toxic, the other is true

how do you, how do you choose

why do you think what you think

have you thought this through?


(hey, have you thought of a way to communicate when no one will shut up?)


who, who reads the news

and who's the source of all the views

shoo, shoo, the fly's a fool

who buzzes round this chicken coop




drill, drill for the juice

punch the straw and shake it loose

fill, fill the cup the well

fuck the table when you spill


you, you have got a mind

to make the money, save the time

time, time passing by

your grandchildren will not survive



help me, help me see you through the fog

help me, help see

we can meet in the middle I promise

that choice is honest, that one's for me


help me, help me.....

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